New Year, New You

It's going to be 2017 shortly and I am thinking about resolutions. Mine is to not be afraid in stepping to the next phase of my yoga career. I've busted my ass for the last few years, working on learning as much as I can and getting to the yoga alchemy lab... sounds adventureous but really, it's my living room where I ponder cues, practice sequences and get to pick out music for the juiciest of classes. I've been teaching public classes for a while and I LOVE IT but I'm ready to find like-minded people to join me one-on-one or in a small group (less than 4 people). 

I'm offering a 20 week membership where we practice yoga at least once a week until May - well beyond when most people fall off the wagon - to create a practice that you can stick to and love. I'm also offering all the gear (mat, blanket, blocks and an eye pillow) to go with it when you purchase the membership. We will try a variety of techniques, styles and find what works for you. Let's do this! Happy New Year!