Moksha, Knees and Hips, SUP!

It's been quite a week! I had the opportunity to attend the Moksha festival with the lovely Eryn this past Friday and it was a fantastic experience. We attended a Sufi music and meditation class that was intense. We used several religious mantras (Christian, Buddhist, Judaic) and incorporated them into light dance movements. But it was towards the end of class when we formed two circles, chanted "Shalom" to each person we passed in the circle, holding their hands and looking deeply into their eyes - this was a moment of true beauty for me. To be able to touch and simultaneously look into a stranger's eyes was something like an energy transfer. I felt joy and lightness from some people and others I felt sorrow and in one special moment, I felt the ability to be vulnerable to a complete stranger. I'll say it again, it was intense. 

Then I attended a Knees and Hips workshop with Jules Mitchell that was amazing. A biomechanist, she broke down the human body and the movements we make into a very rational and interesting viewpoint. We tried new exercises and attempted to repattern old, and in some cases injury causing, ways of movement. I've come out of the workshop with some amazing tools in my toolbox!

Lastly, I took a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) class at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro. This is something I've really wanted to do for several years and haven't had the chance. It was wonderful to walk on water! I practice Bakasana, Warrior II and Pyramid and I've got to say that I'm ready for a SUP yoga class now. The techniques our leader Scott taught us were so helpful and it's an amazing way to experience the ocean. I'm ready to make the SUP a yoga mat and take it to the next level.

So many new and wonderful experiences were to be had this mid point of the Summer! I'm looking forward to my upcoming Restorative Yoga Training with Judith Lassater (cue chorus) and hope to share all that I've learned with all of you from all these experiences.