Yin Training - deeper than I imagined

I'm happy to announce that I completed my Yin Yoga training in March and what a transformative experience. The first night we did a typical Yin class and although my teacher Addie said "only go to a 4 on the sensation scale" I found myself much higher and having to back off during the long (5 min) holds. That night I was already sore. The next day I found myself angry, pouty and I didn't know why. I learned we have "issues in our tissues" -  peptides/neuropeptides in the body that can hold on to past emotions and through deep stretching or massage they can release. That night I felt like I had the flu, complete with aches and a feverish feel. Strangely, I knew I'd feel better the next day. I fell asleep before my 22 month old baby girl, Ginger did...

The next day I felt free and ache free. I told the group about my spiral of emotions and it was wonderful to share. I was so much more open to the teachings, the people and the whole experience. It was like I had released something I just didn't need anymore and that allowed me to take in the good stuff; to learn through a visceral experience what a wonderful release can be like.

The main take away for me was that Yin Yoga is about long holds that stimulate the meridians via the fascial lines in the body but it's more powerful than I gave it credit. The times I had done Yin before I felt great; this was the first time I felt awful. But in feeling awful I was able to feel even better than ever. It reminds me something we learned in the training - you can't have light without dark. Just like the symbol of the Yin/Yang each are woven together and are a part of one another how we deal with both the light and dark makes us unique.