The Moon is a Loyal Companion

I had an urge to get back in touch with the moon recently. Once, I meditated in the light of a beautiful full moon and felt like I could hear my heart more clearly than I had before. There's something about the moon, with its waxing and waning, that emulates the human spirit. Sometimes we are bright lights that can't be dimmed and invite the world's deepest desires. We are full of energy and promise. Then, we rhythmically fall into the darker side, the contemplative side, that brings out our own inner most feelings. What happens when we watch both of these sides, without judgement or opinion? They are two halves to a whole, both live in concert with one another.

I read Judith Lasater's A Year of Living Your Yoga and found today's pearl of wisdom was that "Responding appropriately is an art." She writes about over/under doing things in our lives and finding balance - finding the right amount of effort. It is an art form and it takes disciplined practice and growth. Don't trees and flowers rise up to meet the sun every day? And conversely, they plant roots deep in the Earth at night, by the light (or darkness) of the moon.