How you do anything is how you do everything.

The world we live in has many obstacles to navigate through or become engaged in and it was this exploration that led me to the philosophy and practice of yoga. I’ve found meditation which is a part of yoga to be extremely healing and nurturing. We don’t have to meditate in a seated posture - we can meditate like the pose I’m doing in the picture above. If that’s the medicine we need then we should explore it, don’t you think?

Yoga poses can heal emotional and physical issues but really what it does is bring things into a new light, if we are open to seeing it. Our minds are very powerful as are our thoughts, actions and words. Each day I strive to become better, even on the days I struggle. It’s about being gentle with yourself so you can be gentle with others and allowing that to ripple out into the world. It’s about being curious why we do the things we do. It’s about wondering what I did to make my quads hurt so much.

Our differences are of degree, not of kind.

Many people come to yoga for specific health related issues. I certainly did. We are collectively concerned with our health and well being as individuals and collectively. But sometimes the most important thing is to stop and focus our attention inward; to allow the ego to step aside and look into our highest self as deeply as possible.

Sound easy? Sound hard? That’s yoga. It comes in waves - in and out. If we practice more it becomes more natural and eventually we are always practicing. That’s mindfulness.

I welcome living in the present moment, being radically vulnerable and shining your brightest light. That’s the yoga I practice and the one I’m most qualified to teach.